Thursday, July 16, 2009

ikoi dinner buffet.

please accept my apologies for neglecting this space.
i have been working and working and too lazy to blog. tons of pictures...and taking forever to post. SORRYYYY.

anyway, grad pictures another day. I'll probably do a partial pictorial post on that because all are already on facebook. so if you go to my albums, you can find the pictures there. lazy ahhh. similar to the grad bash.

i'm getting more and more anti-social wtf. so please ask me to go out. greatly appreciated.

in any case, yesterday went to ikoi japanese restaurant yesterday after work for dinner. it's located in miramar hotel.

met monz and edwin and fatbear! my treat for....long story. HAHA. it was my first time there, but not the first for the couple.
the dinner buffet really encompassed loads of variety. i'm amazed. and the sashimi...brought me to heaven again. (((:

and i'm growing fatter. i don't dare to weigh myself. HAHAHA. aiya, should still be 55kg lah. HAI.

complimentary salmon sashimi for all.


eh!! we look so synchronised!! HAHA.

anyway i was REALLY exhausted by the end of work. work is supposed to be more relaxing with the boss away in shanghai for business for the week, but it's been nothing but crazy AND he's coming back tomorrow--friday. let me live, please. zzz.

our first platter for sashimi. tuna, yellowtail and salmon.

we had two more plates of salmon sashimi afterwards. HAHA. loveloveloveee. and guess what!!! I DID NOT LAO SAI OK! -claps-

salmon skin handroll. yums.

i forgot what this is called. can be bought from supermarkets, but they stuffed sheese in the hollow area and it's really yummy too!


fried tofu.


katsu curry rice with chicken cutlet.

nothing fantastic.

they had this. and the 3 of them liked it a lot. but knowing me, i run from fish. HAHA apart from tuna, sardines, dory fish(for fishnchips) and salmon sashimi. others i don't eat. except for grilled salmon made by my mum. she makes sure that the fish has no bones.

but according to them, it was really good!

seafood soup, served in this teapot thing. cool. really like the traditional jap style!


chicken wings.


errr. typical scenario HAHAHHA.

monz wants to be in harry potter. she is doing some spell.

monz keeps eating. and edwin worries about how to support this buffet-loving girlfriend in the long term. HAHA.

imaginery speech bubbles-

monz: eat eat eatt!!!
edwin: DIE LAH. my girlfriend very hard to feed leh.

group shots!

the place was really crowded and we had to reserve our seats before hand. i think monz actually reserved during the weekends and we went there on wednesday. according to monz, to reserve seats ON the weekends are worse. tskkk.

my 80 year old bond!!!

love love you monz! end of year trip? HAHAHA. must start saving liao...=x

ok my throat hurts. my lips are chapped from the air-conditioning in office. my skin is dry. and i'm super tired. finally done with blogging. more pictures due soon. i'll try my best. but first, i have to know if people are still reading this???!!

if not...=/ a bit pointless to continue. HAHA. my life can get so boring. sorrryyy.

mini updates:

1) monz and i signed for great eastern's women's run for 5km. HAHAHAH. eh i know people like marshy and whiteass probably are laughing like mad now. people go for standard chartered 42++km and i'm only doing 5km???!!

ok fine.but granted i've not exercised AT ALL for MONTHS!!!! and i seriously feel unfit.

in fact, fatbear dragged me out for a jog (because i told him i want to exercise but very lazy so he must drag me out no matter what) on sunday evening and we jogged from petir road blk 217 ALL THE WAY to ten mile junction's sheng shiong.

OMFG. can you all please clap!!?!??? granted, i felt half my life seep away HAHAHA. but still! what a noble effort i feel! =D

and i just went to the gym at my place for a short 30min++ jog on the treadmill. did only about 2.6km. WTF. super loser. HAHAHAHAH. shit. must improve. and i was the only one in the gym which was freaky because i went at 8pm+ and i kept hearing sounds. WTF.

must be maria (one of my colleagues) telling too many ghostly stories during lunch break. zzzz.

2) i want to get nike women's spring 2009 collection, well, one of the shoes. if i'm not wrong, it's called nike women's zoom sister one. i wonder how much it costs? i want either the hot pink or bright orange ones!!! chio!!! and it's supposed to be light and flexible like my nike prestos! OMG.

i need new track shoes!

ok blog more soon. really want to sleep. not enough sleep! =(

goodnight folks! love me!

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steph said...

ikoi!! been there twice with MK and i swear by its sashimi! the last time, we had 80+ slices of sashimi between the both of us ...heavenly! sashimi-phobia for a while after that lol. ooh, at least ure exercising! ive been saying that for ages but its never done. procrastinating!